REvil hack is useful for independent repairers of Apple devices

The data theft operated by hacker group REvil on the servers of Quanta, which assembles Apple products, is a boon to independent repairers. They use the schematics of MacBooks published by REvil …

Independent repairers have to fend for themselves to do their jobs on Apple devices. The manufacturer only provides documentation to its network of authorized repairers (who must undergo regular training and pay a membership) and, of course, to its Apple Stores. All other repairers have no choice but to poke information here and there.

Stolen … and precious documents

This is where the REvil revelations come in handy. This group of hackers stole a lot of information on the servers of Quanta, one of the main assemblers of Apple products. The hackers demanded a ransom of $ 50 million, threatening to put all this data online. It is not known whether the ransom was paid, and if so, whether it was Quanta or Apple who got their hands on it.

But still, REvil published a number of very detailed technical drawings of several Apple laptops, before stopping the flow. These fallen documents are a gift to independent repairers: they can study them up close and perform operations that were previously impossible.

« Our business relies on things like this leak », Admits Louis Rossmann, independent repairer and lawyer of the right to repair. ” [Ces documents] will help me restore customer data. Someone will find their data thanks to this leak “. The professional is not in favor of these break-ins, he would prefer to pay Apple $ 1,000 each year to have access to this information.

But in fact, Apple is particularly careful in the choice of its repair partners, multiplying the pitfalls and costs. Independent repairers have no choice but to hack or get these types of documents under wraps.

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