Twitter now allows you to search for direct messages on Android

Twitter announced news related to its direct message search engine.

Not only is direct message search coming to an end on Android, but an improved version of this feature is rolling out to all users as well.

Twitter improves DM’s search system

Almost two years ago, Twitter began testing the direct message search bar. An option that was only implemented in the web version and in the iOS app, leaving Android users pending this update.

And finally, Twitter announced that the search bar is available on Android. And that’s not all, the Twitter team also announced that it is implementing an improved version of this feature that will make it easier to find DMs, and that it will add a new update in the future. So Twitter could soon have a similar search function Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

One of the improvements that will be implemented is that the search will also show older conversations, and it will even be possible to search using keywords to locate specific messages. So not only will you be able to perform a search by sender or contact name, but the possibility of searching by content in direct messages will also be added.

It seems like a small update, but this improvement will save users a lot of time, since they will not have to continually scroll looking for old messages or trying to remember in which DM they entered certain data, etc.

And of course, it will also be useful for those users or brands that use DMs to communicate with their audience or improvise a customer service without resorting to other external apps to manage their communication on Twitter.

Searching for content in DM is not yet available, but Twitter promises to roll it out by the end of the year.

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