Volkswagen wants to launch its autonomous robotaxis in 2025

Volkswagen’s first electric and autonomous taxis could begin to circulate in 2025. The automaker wants to enter this very promising market with its ID.Buzz van.

Volkswagen is currently developing an autonomous version of its ID.Buzz electric van, and the manufacturer is not lacking in ambition since the vehicle must be capable of level 4 autonomous driving. The minibus can be driven alone without a human driver, however this The latter must always be able to take the wheel in the event of a problem (level 5 allows a vehicle to drive alone without human assistance).

Driving in densely populated urban areas

This level 4 ID.Buzz will be ready to transport goods and people by 2025. To achieve this, Volkswagen uses Argo artificial intelligence technology, currently being tested in six major US cities, and which will also be tested in Munich, Germany, later this year.

The latest developments are also the most important: for the automaker to focus on densely populated urban areas. These are the most complex places for this technology, but also those which provide the basis for intensive use for autonomous mobility offers, explains Christian Senger, head of driverless driving at VW.

Volkswagen is one of those traditional automakers trying to catch up with industry leaders like Waymo. Even if it means working together: Argo technology counts competitor Ford as a financial partner, as well as… Volkswagen. The two giants put their hands in their pockets in 2019. Argo unveiled its own LIDAR sensor last week, capable of “seeing” at 400 meters at night.

As for the “standard” version of the ID.Buzz, its marketing should take place in the course of next year.

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