Futuristic underpants from Xiaomi

Although Xiaomi has stood out for occupying the first places within the smartphone sector, the company also faces in other markets with products such as electric bikes, security cameras or gadgets designed for smart homes.

Despite how strange it may seem, Xiaomi has taken the initiative to enter markets outside the consumer technology industry with the launch of products that are in common use, but with improvements that increase their functionality.

This is demonstrated by its latest addition, some boxers for men that come integrated with the same technology that astronaut suits wear.

In this sense, the boxers have been created in collaboration with Outlast, the German clothing brand, being also certified by The Space Foundation as a result of the space technology integrated into its design.

Regarding its design, Xiaomi expressed that the space technology present in these boxers serves to regulate the temperature automatically, so that they prevent you from sweating in that area during the summer and keep you warm in the winter. To achieve this, we resorted to the use of thermoregulatory fibers that respond to changes in temperature. The front part is designed in such a way that the genitals stay properly there.

This means that each part has its own space assigned and allows both the penis and the testicles to “breathe” better, thus avoiding the concentration of sweat in that area and the formation of bad odors.

Those interested in acquiring these futuristic underpants may have the opportunity to do so through the website of Youpin in China, although you should take advantage of the sooner you place your order, since this product will only be available for a limited time.

The futuristic boxers are available in 3 different colors and different sizes, and can be purchased for a value of 99 yuan for a pack of 3, equivalent to 12 euros.

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