Good deal: a lifetime deal for pCloud online storage (75%)

Are you looking for the right cloud plan right now? It can be found at pCloud, with a -75% discount on the 2TB Family subscription.

If you’re looking for a way to store all your files simply and without the hassle, consider cloud storage. Cloud storage has indeed become commonplace in recent years because it brings a lot of benefits.

You can store your photos, videos, business documents, personal archives and other files in an easy and secure way. In this field, one of the most famous tools today is pCloud.

The good news is that this provider is currently offering a crazy reduction on its pCloud Family offer, reducing the cost of its 2 TB storage space by 75%. Don’t miss out on this exclusive promo.

Take advantage of the pCloud Family offer

Why you should choose pCloud

For your online storage, it is clear that you can trust pCloud. Considered as one of the most efficient in its category, this tool is really reliable and offers you increased security. Indeed, the service provider makes five copies of your files on at least three servers located in different datacenters. This way you absolutely do not risk losing them.

In addition, pCloud offers you a 30-day recycle bin history. Thus, in the event of false manipulation, you will still be able to have access to your deleted documents within this period. To provide you with a complete service, pCloud allows you to synchronize your files (photos, documents, etc.) from all your media, even mobile devices. Advanced sharing features are also available to exchange your data with other users in a few clicks via the creation of sharing links.

Also, know that pCloud allows you simplified, fast file transfers and that they are 100% secure. They are effectively encrypted according to an advanced and recognized standard (AES 256-bit standard).

The offer that interests us here – pCloud Family 2 TB – adds to this several other advantages. For example, you can benefit from 5 separate storage spaces so that each member of your family can have a private space. The distribution of storage space is flexible and is done according to the preferences of the administrator so that everyone benefits from the adequate space.

Finally, know that the pCloud subscription in question has a unique feature: it is available for life. You subscribe once, without subscription, and your space is available to infinity (or at least, for a period of 99 years).

75% exceptional reduction for 2TB of storage

Have you been convinced by the quality of service from pCloud? Then you’ll be happy to hear that you can access it right now for a pittance. The 2TB pCloud Family offer today benefits from an exceptional reduction of -75%, which is quite huge. Therefore, your subscription will not cost you € 1,400, but only € 350. This price difference represents a colossal saving of € 1,050.

You will agree, it is clearly worth the detour. In addition, you benefit from a money-back guarantee valid for 10 days. So you can get started without doubting and especially without further delay, before this promotion ends.

Note that to help you take the plunge, pCloud offers you a more limited free offer, so you can test it before switching to a paid plan. As it is one of the best free cloud services, you no longer have any reason to hesitate.

Discover the pCloud Family offer

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