Mobile plan: stop unnecessary costs, this nugget with 20 GB is 4.99 € (Orange)

Are you looking for the best mobile plan on the market? We found him ! But beware, this ephemeral offer is already ending in a few days. It will not take long to realize the great deal.

In recent years, the average price of mobile plans has increased quite steadily. It is difficult today to find a good inexpensive subscription with flexibility and a decent volume of data.

This Ascension weekend, it’s Prixtel which displays a space mobile plan.

See the Prixtel offer

In the last 5 years, we have not seen a more competitive mobile plan than this one. In this case, the operator allows you to have a 20 GB mobile plan for € 4.99 per month, without obligation and on the Orange network (No. 1 according to ARCEP) and SFR. Clearly, neither MVNOs nor live operators have done better in the past few years.

Why jump on this mobile plan?

You have probably already heard of the deployment of 5G in France. To finance the infrastructures and the new antennas, the operators were obliged to increase the price of their mobile plan. This does not only concern the new plans compatible with the ultra-fast network, but also all customers’ 4G subscriptions.

While in 2015, we regularly found good mobile plans at less than 10 euros per month, this is becoming much rarer in 2021. Apart from a few MVNOs which save money over the first 6 months, we don’t see much anymore. Until last Monday, RED by SFR and B & You led an offensive with an offer that had been missing for several years. This weekend, Prixtel continues with an offer of the same caliber! It is the only one on the market.

To come now to the detail of its offer, the most affordable mobile plan is called “Le petit”. Like all MVNO subscriptions, this is a flexible package. By default you will have all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB for € 4.99 per month.

See the Prixtel offer

If in any given month you need more data, this mobile plan is flexible. For example, if you go up to 30 GB in the given month, it will only cost you $ 7.99. Finally, there is a third and final accessible level: 40 GB for € 9.99 per month. With these three levels, you can therefore navigate by sight according to your needs, without being bled by an out-of-package.

What we like about Prixtel is that you have the choice of network for this mobile plan: Orange or SFR. As an MVNO (virtual mobile operator), he has partnered with these two groups to use the network. If your invoice is issued in the name of Prixtel, you will indeed be on one of these two networks, depending on what you have chosen.

Finally, we will not fail to recall that this mobile plan is without commitment, and that it is carbon neutral. Prixtel is the only operator on the market to commit to the environment by offsetting all emissions. In addition to having an ultra-aggressive (and unbeatable) price, it does a real gesture for the environment. He understood everything and he deserves his success.

What if you use a lot of data?

The “Le petit” mobile plan will be ideal for a large part of the French population. However, some profiles have a much greater need for mobile data. And precisely, Prixtel offers two other variations of its offer with higher data levels. This way, everyone can find a package that meets their real needs.

For example, the “The giant” mobile plan is the most significant in terms of data. By default, you will have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB for € 12.99 per month. If you have a one-off need over a given month for more data, the MVNO supports you: 150 GB for € 17.99, or even 200 GB for € 22.99. We cannot speak of an off-package since these rates are ultra attractive. In the end, it’s like having a 3-in-1 package.

In addition to the price of this best mobile plan, Prixtel is extra on the network: you can use the 4G ET 5G network at Orange and SFR if you opt for this offer. Suffice to say that no other telecom operator comes close to it. 5G plans are all very expensive (you can see it here), you won’t be able to find better elsewhere.

Finally, for those who fall between the two, there is a final mobile plan with the operator: The big one. This one displays levels of 40, 60 and 80 GB. If you have a rather intense use (but without being extreme), it will be a good understood. The default price is € 7.99 per month and it can go up to € 12.99 if you use up to 80 GB.

In the end, this special offer on Prixtel mobile plans is already ending soon (May 18). This is the only and last weekend where you can take advantage of such a rate. No other operator has aligned with its offer, it is a real nugget. If you wanted to save money on your mobile subscription, now is the right time to take the plunge.

To find out more, here is the whole range:

See the Prixtel offer

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