Motorola wants to launch a smartphone capable of recharging remotely

Remote charging technologies are promising but until now, no smartphone manufacturer has wanted to take the plunge… At least until today. Motorola announces a partnership with GuRu Wireless.

Remote charging is a technology that allows you to charge a battery wirelessly of course, but also without the need to put the device on a dock, as is the case today with induction charging. In recent years, promising experiments have taken place, such as at Xiaomi with the Mi Air Charge system, or Motorola.

Motorola hits the mark

The manufacturer (owned by Lenovo) presented in January a remote charging technology by modifying a One Hyper model. Motorola takes it a step further with the help of GuRu Wireless. This company, founded in 2017, has developed a system called GuRu RF Lensing, which consists of miniature modules that allow a device to be powered remotely, with minimal loss of energy.

These modules incorporate proprietary technology based on millimeter waves (mmWave), which are able to distribute energy efficiently, in a secure manner. GuRu’s solution can be used as a charging hub or as a power source, as needed. The energy distributed is adjusted according to the device to be recharged. GuRu Wireless wants to make remote charging as commonplace as Wi-Fi.

It remains to be seen when we will be able to see the first results of this announcement. The goal is obviously to develop the first smartphone capable of recharging its battery remotely. But we still have to convince users that this technology is safe: fear of the airwaves is a foil for many consumers, as we have seen with the deployment of 5G.

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