Only 3 applications with more than 5,000 million downloads in the Play Store are not from Google

That an application gets to get the 5,000 million downloads on the Play Store It is one of the maximum objectives of the companies.

In fact, to date they are just 3 independent Google apps who have been able to overcome that barrier, with Facebook Messenger being the last to achieve the feat.

This has happened recently thanks to the fact that Facebook has been able to get the award through its messaging application, which has previously been considered less secure by various experts, and this due to the fact that does not have end-to-end encryption, or also because of the well-known security problems that arise on the platform.

Now, with the passage of time the creative minds of Facebook have been looking for ways for Messenger to be downloaded on everyone’s mobiles, regardless of the Facebook app, which has clearly paid off.

Next is the WhatsApp app, who already since the beginning of last year it managed to obtain more than 5,000 million downloads within Google Play, like one of its main competences, the Facebook application itself.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that, if we exclude all Google services that have more than the specified number of downloads, we are talking about a wide market that covers applications such as YouTube, Maps or Gmail, so it is by no means a simple task (it could even be said impossible for the vast majority).

Of course there are other platforms such as Instagram, Telegram or TikTok, who have achieved impressive figures in recent months and who have their eyes set on this goal, which could become more than a fantasy if things turn positive both for this year and for the next.

Within the Google ecosystem we have several applications that exceed 5,000 million downloads, since they are pre-installed on an immensity of devices worldwide: YouTube, Google, Google Play Services, Google Chrome, Google Play Music, Google Maps, Google Text -to-speech, Google Drive, Gmail and the Android Accessibility Suite.

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