Philips Hue adapter for old Lightstrips available soon

The adapter to connect old Philips Hue Lightstrips with a new extension should already be on the way to Germany.

Light Solutions Adapter for around 15 euros

Anyone who owns an “old” Philips Hue Lightstrip without Bluetooth and would like to extend it will currently run into a problem. The extensions of the new Lightstrip are not compatible and the old extensions can hardly be found in stores.

At the end of March I was able to find a solution messages, which comes from the Danish manufacturer Light Solutions. This brings an adapter on the market, which is supposed to solve the problem described above. Like the colleagues from Hueblog now report, the first batch is already on its way to a German Amazon location and should therefore be available soon. At around 15 euros, such an adapter is not exactly cheap either.

As soon as the adapter is available on Amazon, I will publish a short update here on the blog.

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