Rival 5: SteelSeries Launches Affordable Gamer Mouse

Gamers are the preferred target of many PC and peripheral manufacturers who do not hesitate to increase the cost of their products. But not all gamers are rolling gold, which is why SteelSeries offers a mouse for the budget.

The Rival 5 is the new wired mouse for gamers whose budget is not infinitely expandable. The SteelSeries device costs 69.99 euros, which on paper represents a good quality / price ratio. In terms of design, it is impossible not to compare this model to the Rival 600, but the Rival 5 is simpler and perhaps even more ergonomic: its overall shape, with softer curves, should make it more comfortable in the hand.

All you need to play

The mouse incorporates 9 programmable buttons, with 5 buttons on the side to launch quick actions. Its TrueMove Air optical sensor is supposed to offer flawless responsiveness with 18,000 CPI (Counts Per Inch), 400 IPS (Inches Per Second) and support for acceleration up to 40G. SteelSeries promises true 1: 1 tracking, three more precise than the competition.

The micro-switches have been designed to withstand 80 million clicks, they are also IP54 certified for resistance to dust and sweat. There’s no escaping color LEDs in a gaming product: the Rival 5 includes ten light zones (16.8 million colors) that can sync with other SteelSeries devices.

The mouse weighs 85 grams, it is 128.8mm long with a maximum height of 42mm and a maximum width of 68.15mm. It is accompanied by a Super Mesh braided cable with a microfiber mesh which improves its resistance to friction. The manufacturer assures that the rodent will be at ease with the latest titles of the moment, whether it is Fortnite, Apex Legends or Hitman 3.

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