The most outstanding role-playing games for Android of 2021

There is little left to end the first half of the year and the video game market keep showing new content professionals on a daily basis.

This actually happens with all game categories, but RPGs being honest They are one of the most successful in the gamer communitySo that’s why it’s interesting to see which are the most prominent role titles this year.

Although it was released in 2020, Genshin Impact became a really viral game in recent months and its more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store are proof of that. As you may have realized, it is an open world title that focuses on Teyvat, a place where great battles take place and where you will have to overcome all the rivals using your experience.

There are up to 24 characters that you can use and mold to your demands to defeat whoever dares to challenge you. You can get it totally free, so go for it and enjoy the experience.

Every good follower of role-playing games is clear that the Final Fantasy saga is one of the most professional and complete works that can be found. This time we talk fully about Final Fantasy XV, a game that allows you to create a great kingdom together with all your friends and thus complete your destiny.

Collect all the necessary resources, explore the most imposing areas you can find and create the best army to win the most important battles. By the way, the best of all is that Alexis Ren, Noctis, and Cindy will help at all times for this to be possible.

As a third proposal in this post we present The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a video game that will remind you a lot of Skyrim and the times of these dungeon games. In fact, the game has been created by the same Skyrim developers. What is the story behind this title? After the city where you were born was destroyed and forgotten, return to it to rebuild it and thus restore its greatness, but beware of nearby enemies.

As a last recommendation for today comes RAID: Shadow Legends and its extraordinary world of Teleria, which you will have to save by assembling your own army and equip him with the best champions, warriors and weapons. Play even pvp battles against other players and thus get great rewards.

A fine, choose any of the 300 champions that are available in good 3D graphics and enjoy what this interactive world has to offer.

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