Tile trackers sold poorly in Apple stores

In a letter, Apple comments on a US Senate-led hearing on app store antitrust law held last month. Here, Apple mentions the trackers from Tile that they did not sell well in Apple stores.

Apple Says: Tile trackers sold poorly in Apple stores

Earlier this month, Spotify, Tile and Match (owners of Tinder) testified at a US Senate-led hearing on app store antitrust law. Tile said Apple is using its platform to “unfairly restrict competition for its products.” Apple’s Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Kyle Andeer, commented on this in a letter.

It is known that Tile spoke out against the Apple ecosystem and rekindled the fire after the introduction of Apple AirTags. In response to Tile’s allegations, Apple said that the Tile trackers were not selling well in Apple stores. That response was based on an allegation by Tile, who raised concerns that Apple had information about sales performance that they could then use to develop AirTags.

Apple says:

Years ago, Apple had some information on how trackers were selling in Apple’s stores. You didn’t sell well. Tile sells its products through dozens of retailers around the world and through its own website. Any information from the Apple Store retail sales is both very limited and very out of date and is unlikely to be any different from what other brick and mortar stores have about the products sold in those stores. Nonetheless, Apple did not use any of this information in making decisions about AirTags.

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