Amazon launches new Echo Show connected screens

Amazon refreshes its Echo Show range with two new models that stand out with better cameras. These connected screens, to be placed on the bedside table or on the corner of the kitchen counter, are now available.

There is a market for connected displays. In any case, Amazon believes in it with the new Echo Show 5 and 8, whose mission is to accelerate sales already in strong growth. The first model is intended rather for the nightstand with its 5.5-inch screen that can turn it into a connected alarm clock. You can create a personalized morning routine that will turn on the light in the bedroom and elsewhere in the house.

Screens to be installed throughout the house

The screen displays the latest news and sports information of the night, it is also possible to program alarms and timers, and the user will be able to consult his appointments for the day … or even streaming series (Prime Video, Netflix, Molotov are compatible). TheEcho Show 5 also incorporates an improved HD camera that doubles the number of pixels compared to the previous model (the video stream is also visible on the Alexa mobile app).

Echo Show 8. Credit: Amazon

L’Echo Show 8 is more imposing with its 8-inch HD screen, the main novelty of which is a 13-megapixel camera (with camera cover) which keeps the user in the center of the frame during video calls. Videoconferences may involve up to 7 participants. In addition, this model has two speakers to better enjoy streaming video and music content.

The big screen also benefits from integration with Amazon services: Alexa will offer playlists and radio recommendations from Amazon Music or Spotify, as well as slideshows from Amazon Photos (Prime members get unlimited storage in full resolution). The Echo Show 8, available in anthracite or white, costs € 109.99. The Echo Show 5, marketed in anthracite, white and blue, costs € 79.99.

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