Hateful comments: Starbucks threatens to quit Facebook

Rather than enduring an endless stream of hateful comments as soon as Starbucks posts an article on Facebook, the famous coffee shop brand is evaluating the possibility of leaving the social network altogether.

Internally, Facebook employees are worried about the deterioration of relations between the social network and Starbucks. The café brand is said to be increasingly frustrated by the level of hatred and intolerance it experiences when it posts online articles related to its values, especially anything related to climate change, LGBTQ community, sustainability or the fight against racism.

Hate speech

A member of the Facebook team in charge of relations with Starbucks writes that the company is in the process of evaluating its ” organic presence On the social network, and whether it should continue to have a presence on the platform or not. The moderation of the Starbucks page no longer succeeds in stemming unpleasant comments, as the group’s management seeks to understand how the comment moderation and amplification algorithms work.

The case revealed by Buzzfeed News is important because Starbucks is one of the flagship brands on Facebook. And if Starbucks were to quit Facebook altogether, that could be a signal for all these other companies who are also questioning their presence within the social network.

Last year, Starbucks was among the organizations that launched the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign to pressure Facebook to take racist and hateful content seriously. ” While changes have been made, we believe Facebook could do more to create welcoming and inclusive communities. », Explains a spokesperson for Starbucks.

In response, Facebook recalls the existence of tools to limit the type of content that appears on the pages of partner companies. But for Starbucks, this is insufficient.

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