Huawei secret codes, what they are and what can be done with them

The secret codes represent an enigma in the world of Android mobiles known to few. And it is that these codes allow the user to access hidden menus and carry out special actions that they could not do with the conventional options offered by the system.

Next, we will teach you the secret codes of Huawei and the action that each one of them exerts on your mobile device.

Project menu

This refers to a secret menu made up of 6 options with which you can access device information or make changes to some settings. You can activate it through the following code.


Once done, the following options will be displayed on the screen:

Background Mode: In this section you will find options that will allow you to diagnose and correct problems that may be affecting the performance of your device. To activate the internal log and debug errors you will have the Background Debug and AP Log settings options. To set the behavior of the USB port is the option USB Port Settings.
Veneer Information: In this section you will find more extensive information on the system, that is, classifications of all the components of the mobile, dividing it into 3 categories: Version info, Manufacture info and Other info.
Network Information Query: There you will find detailed information about your mobile networks, having at your disposal the PLMN Info and SIM Lock Info options, an option that will allow you to know if your mobile is blocked for a specific operator. Also, you will have the Vendor Country Info option where you can see the region for which the mobile was manufactured.
Software Upgrade: Through this section you can carry out the installation of an update of the system or of a specific app. This section is mostly used by the technical service when the repairs and updates of the system or the apps cannot be carried out by the traditional method.
Restore Factory: Through this section you will be able to activate a restoration process that will take your phone to its initial state, but not without first deactivating any blocking protection that your mobile phone has.
Battery Charge: In this section you will find additional information about the battery. In this sense, you will be able to see a QR code with the serial number of the battery, along with the current charge level and the temperature of the battery.

About of the phone

This does not refer to a secret menu but to a shortcut that will allow you to access mobile data such as IMEI, mobile model, serial number, among other details. For this you must insert the following code:



With this Huawei secret code you will be able to see the IMEI of your mobile device, along with other data. To do this you must check the following:


FCM diagnostics

Firebase Cloud Messaging or FCM refers to a system used to send messages and push notifications to the mobile, thus making it possible for you to receive new messages in apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. Through this section you can access this type of notifications, simply by dialing the code:


Calendar information

Through this code you can access information about the synchronization of the different calendars that are present on your mobile device. For this you must check the following.


Once you have learned these secret Huawei codes, you will be able to access hidden information on your device and make changes to some actions. However, it is recommended to be careful and avoid changing values ​​or activating options that you do not know.

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