Philips Airfryer XL Essential Connected with Amazon Alexa control

Even in the older version, the Philips Airfryer were real all-rounders that could do many things for you with pre-programmed settings. The Airfryer XL Essential Connected Modellreihe, which is on the one hand via Nutritur Smartphone app as well as with Amazon Alexa by voice controls. Alexa, keep my food warm.

Philips Airfryer XL Essential Connected- smart Kochen

I personally still own an older model, a Premium Airfryer XXL HD9650 / 90, which is often used here. No matter if you bake bread rolls, warm food / keep it warm, frying, grilling, frying – these properties make the Airfryer what it is thanks to the flow of hot air. However, my model does not have a WiFi connection and, as mentioned above, cannot be controlled with the app or Amazon Alexa.

They have been around since March Airfryer XL Essential Connected Modelle, which make food suggestions for you with the NutriU app, which you can easily transfer to the Airfryer. So you only have to equip the device yourself with the respective ingredients. You can conveniently monitor and control the status of the preparation via your smartphone. Is the meal ready but you are still busy with other things? With the Airfryer XL Essential series you can now simply say by voice command via Amazon Alexa that the Airfryer should keep the food warm.

Why smart appliances for cooking? I have to fill everything by hand anyway!

Now the voice control or smartphone app will certainly not be the essential reason why you buy such a device. Certainly there are also some people who, as with a smart coffee machine, do not want to understand the meaning behind such functions when they have to go to the device to fill it with ingredients anyway. Let me tell these people, just think a little further! On the one hand, there will certainly be a moment when you are prevented from going into the kitchen. On the other hand, such voice control via Alexa can also help people with disabilities when preparing food.

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