Tuned, the app for Facebook couples, now on Android

Would you like to take digital communication with your partner to the next level? Well with Tuned, the new Facebook creation you can do it. Already last year the company had launched this messaging app, which differs from the rest because it is aimed only at couples.

That’s right, in Tuned communication only occurs between two, as long as they both have an iPhone, although this has changed, since now couples with Android devices will also have the opportunity to try this messaging app and discover the options that offers.

However, despite the multiplatform nature that Tuned has adopted with this foray into Android, the app has a limited download, being available on the Google Play for US users only. However, those couples who do not live in the North American territory may have the opportunity to download the APK and test it on your device without any hassle.

How to use Tuned?

The first thing to do before you can use the app is to register with the phone number and then enter your name and age. Then you will have to enter your partner’s phone number and she will also do the same. Once this is done, both will be ready to use the application.

How does Tuned work?

Regarding its operation, Tuned presents 3 timelines on its interface: past, present and future. In the past, the couple may post experiences that they have shared and wish to keep as a memory. In this sense, Tuned offers a great variety of icons to personalize each event, as well as the possibility of adding photos if desired.

In the present timeline, the couple will be able to have the opportunity, separately, to publish their mood and personalize it by assigning it one of the available colors.

Also, Tuned allows the couple to develop dynamics, as well as share diverse material such as greeting cards with personalized texts, songs, notes, gif, photos, stickers and even video.

Going to the future tab of Tuned, the couple will be able to include those events that both have scheduled to carry out or participate in the short or medium term.

Added to this, Tuned has an area to create shared lists of everything that both can think of. There they will have the opportunity to personalize the name of each added element, as well as change its place.

In short, taking into account the experimental nature that Tuned has as a messaging application for couples, it offers a more than remarkable performance, even if its interface and options have not been translated into another language other than English in which it comes from. default.

Now it only remains for couples to make the decision to download Tuned on their devices and try the options offered by this curious app.

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