Android 12 could get a major design reform

We’re very close to the annual Google I / O, but even before the event, an authentic preview of Android 12 has emerged.


Google’s annual developer conference, I / O, kicks off tomorrow and runs until Thursday, and we’ll probably get to know the next major Android version, 12. However, not long before the opening, there was an interesting thing that the Front Page Tech YouTube channel shared. Based on their knowledge, serious improvements can be made in three main areas: the interface will be thoroughly redesigned, serious security and data protection tools will be added to the system, and interoperability between devices will also help Android 12.


Not only moderately interesting and not very surprising information, but also a specific image was shown, with some even clearer widgets and quick switches on it, and the video linked to the source also shows what to expect on the move. They also showed an upcoming promotional video, which also makes it clear: if not in its basic logic, the new Android will change a lot in appearance.

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