Another Realme GT is being made

Not a novelty to be expected, only the charging performance of the Realme GT Neo has been increased.


The Realme GT 5G became a pretty serious offer in the price range, followed by the more cost-effective version, the Realem GT Neo. There is no difference between the two devices, except for the chipset, which in the former case is the Snapdragon 888, and in the latter case, the Dimensity 1200 and the charging power, which stops at the Neo at 50 watts.

It’s not entirely clear why the 65-watt maximum won’t fit in by default, especially since the Realme GT Neo Flash Edition is now coming, which is already getting Realme’s fastest charging performance. The battery capacity does not change either, 4500 mAh remains, only the structure has been designed to be suitable for the increased tempo. That is, just like in the Realme GT 5G. So they ultimately made a Realme GT 5G with a Dimensity 1200 set.

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