Exciting renders of Google Pixel 6

Although Front Page Tech regularly finds out extreme blueprints, it still always comes out of a traditional Pixel.


Google will soon introduce the Pixel 5aand in the fall, the 6 Series is due, even with a radically new design. Although the Front Page Tech last year too extremely reliable received CAD files from a source that showed a unique design, and then arrived at the usual, aesthetically somewhat stimulus-poor Pixel model. While it is also a fact that during the design process of a device, a number of alternatives emerge before the specific design is finalized.


This year, it is not said from the source that extremely reliable, but someone sent the channel plenty of high-quality, detailed renders of the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro (chances are two models will arrive this year), which again shows a completely unusual and unique look. The FPT also mentions real photos, but they were not presented to protect the source. The renders were also recreated based on the images.


The camera island is nothing like it, it practically doesn’t seem like an abandoned idea, at least the device won’t sway, and the larger Pixel has three sensors. At the same time, the panel, which protrudes significantly from the plane of the back panel, shows quite interestingly, which is also emphasized by the loud color of the area above it, which is otherwise eerily similar to the orange color used in Pixel 4. The front panel is completely flat, coffees are barely left, and the fingerprint reader can move into the display.

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