EZVIZ introduces the battery-operated surveillance camera BC1

The manufacturer EZVIZ today presented the new, battery-operated surveillance camera BC1 for outdoor use.

EZVIZ BC1 – Wireless Outdoor Camera presented

More and more people are equipping their house, apartment or garden with smart surveillance cameras. For many, the aspect of flexible placement without annoying cables and a powerful battery is particularly important. The manufacturer of surveillance cameras EZVIZ has now presented the BC1 outdoor camera, which meets the requirements mentioned.

Image: EZVIZ

The EZVIZ BC1 has a resolution of 1080p and, thanks to the integrated headlight, also has a color night view. The motion detection is also able to distinguish people from other objects. The two-way audio function is of course also on board.

The BC1’s battery has a capacity of 12,900 mAh, which should provide up to one year of operating time. The camera is coupled to a base station, on which the videos can then also be saved on a microSD card. Alternatively, the fee-based EZVIZ CloudPlay subscription is also available.

Customers can choose from three sets. You can choose between the base station with one, two or the BC1 cameras.

BC1-B1 (1 base & 1 camera set) – 189.- € RRP (available from the end of May)

BC1-B2 (1 base & 2 camera set) – € 299 RRP (available now)

BC1-B3 (1 base & 3 camera set) 399.- € RRP (available from the end of May)

BC1 add on camera – € 139 RRP (available from the end of May)

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