Four CMS you probably didn’t know about

When talking about content managers (or CMS), names like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are the first to appear on our retina or appear in our searches.

Outside of the most common, there are other alternatives. Among the existing ones, we chose some unusual ones that are also free.


This alternative is based on the use of flat files for managing the web. Its functions include support for writing in markdown, the possibility of extending its functions through plugins and design templates that can be obtained through its administration panel, free of charge.

Grav can work dynamic content on pages, make site backups, optimize images and support multiple languages.

Link: Serious


This CMS specializes in the creation and management of static and minimalist portals. The contents of VuePress are managed through separate HTML files, optimized for SEO. Additionally, the portal functions can be extended through plugins.

The sites built through this platform are presented as a single page web application, which takes control of the static content of the web, to present it during navigation.

Link: VuePress


This tool also focuses on creating static websites. As an added value, they offer a series of shortcuts (shortcodes) that reduce the need to manipulate large amounts of lines of code to intervene on the site.

In addition to the traditional HTML, Hugo also works with the JSON and AMP languages, a condition that provides greater versatility to the tool.

Other attractive points of this CMS are its collection of more than 300 templates to download and the facilities it offers to install it on a server using the command line.

Link: Hugo


A more intuitive to use alternative, useful especially for those who do not master advanced notions of design with CSS and HTML, but who do have good ideas.

With its center in a WYSIWYG editor, ApostropheCMS allows to create pages visually, dragging and dropping elements on screen.

Link: ApostropheCMS

It should be noted that the four tools presented here, in addition to being free, are also open source, which opens up spaces for the community to get more involved in their development and providing content such as plugins and themes.

Some options are friendlier to novice users, while others demand more experience. There are alternatives for everyone.

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