Instagram tests functions to create, edit and publish content from the web


The web version of Instagram is still very limited when compared to the mobile version, and that is a problem for marketing agencies that manage their clients from the web.

In most cases the content is generated with external editors and only Creator Studio is used to publish the result, but it seems that Instagram wants to give more functions to, including a basic built-in editor.

According it has been found With reverse engineering, users will be able to write posts from their browsers on the desktop, including the ability to crop and add filters from the web interface.

A small change in the online editor can save many hours for those who record the video on their mobile, cut it with inshot, put it on telegram to retrieve it on the web and upload it through Creator Studio to program it properly, although many would still be missing functions to replace all the tools currently used in professional creation and editing on social networks.

Since this feature has been found ‘unofficially’, it may appear as a feature in the future, but there is no guarantee that this will be the case. On many occasions, Instagram has published functions that only a group of users test for a limited time, as it happened with me a few weeks ago, when i showed a function in which IGTV videos were grouped with feed videos so as not to reduce the “feed” currently available (between stories, reels, feed and IGTV is becoming crazy).

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