Livall presents a smart bicycle helmet, with panoramic headlight and SOS alerts

Available on the Indigogo crowdfunding platform, this new generation helmet provides its users with better protection on the road.

Make the practice of urban bike more secure, this is the bet of Livall and its new concept of EVO21 smart headphones. In addition to protecting the head of its wearer, the device promises to reduce collisions on the road, by integrating several innovative features. At the back of the helmet, there is a luminous light at 270 °, as well as two indicators to warn other road users of your next trips. Controlled via a small wireless remote control attached to the handlebars, the device is visible at 360 °, and also incorporates an accelerometer capable of automatically detecting stops via the automatic display of the stop indicator.

Prevent in the event of an accident

Another very practical feature of the Livall EVO21, the presence of a automated emergency system. When the helmet detects a collision or a fall, it is able to automatically send an alert message including your GPS position to your emergency contacts. The device works directly via the dedicated Livall application, and can be canceled manually for 90 seconds after it is triggered in the event of a false alarm.

Shock resistant, breathable and equipped with memory foam, the EVO21 from Livall weighs only 350 grams, and incorporates an IPX5 waterproof certification, which makes it resistant to rain. In addition to ensuring your protection, the application also allows you to track your daily trips and your records. The battery allows up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Available on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the Livall EVO21 is available for pre-order from 79$, and should be delivered from next June.

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