Masters of the Universe: why is Musclor’s Tiger huge?

The reason Musclor’s tiger is so big is simply because the creatives were strapped for cash.

In 1983, Mattel launched its animated series Masters of the universe. Designed as a promotional medium for the brand’s figurines, it will quickly become a real hit with young spectators. However, its development was not without pitfalls. In the documentary series The Toys that made us, the creators of Musclor explained several decisions made to export the universe away from the toy shelves. They confide in particular that the idea of ​​creating comics inspired by the universe and later a series was finally a way for them to establish themselves more durably in the very competitive world of toys for children. While they had promised a new collection to Mattel, the teams had budget problems. They then chose to recover an old product to transform it into a fighting tiger, the huge green feline that evolves alongside Musclor.

“We needed a means of transportation, but we had no more money. So we recycled an old toy. He was as tall as a horse. I said to myself “P *****, if he’s as big as a horse, let’s put a saddle on him”.

This is how Musclor got his faithful steed. To discover other anecdotes, on Musclor but also Star Wars, and even Barbie, you can find The Toys that Made us sure Netflix.

A series planned for Netflix

Beyond this episode devoted to Musclor, the platform will play on nostalgia by offering a new series with the character. Baptized Master of The Universe : Revelation, the mini-series will see Musclor and Skeletor face off. Mark Hamill, used to exercise since his vocal appearance in the series Batman of the 90s, will play the big bad of the franchise. We will also find Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Chris Wood (Supergirl) et Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) at the casting. The series will be broadcast from July 23 on Netflix.

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