Microsoft: New Mixed Reality Glasses Should Reach Consumers

Alex Kipman, head of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality department, recently gave an interview to Bloomberg. In it, several questions were answered about the present and future of this segment and a promising indication was left for HoloLens 3.

Still with no set release date, there was an indication that HoloLens 3 may be entitled to a version aimed at consumers. It will therefore be the first model in this range to reach the conventional market.

HoloLens 3 could be the first Mixed Reality glasses for consumers

The first version of HoloLens was presented in March 2016 and quickly captivated the interest of the technological market. They were from the first independent glasses to offer a Mixed Reality experience, where the real and the virtual mix in an almost perfect way.

However, its starting price of $ 3000 made it an unattainable product for the masses. In fact, the HoloLens line has, over the years, been targeted at the business sector and where it has achieved great success.

Alez Kipman confirmed in this interview with the media that the third version of these glasses is already in development. However, no information has been put forward to indicate when the product will be launched.

Microsoft sets goals to bring HoloLens to the consumer

Microsoft’s desire to bring this line of products to the normal consumer was also evident, abandoning its business exclusivity. But for that, the brand will have to satisfy some details.

There are three levels that Microsoft intends to reach to make HoloLens a product for the masses. From the outset, we have a stated concern with the product’s ergonomics.

To be something for the masses, the next HoloLens will have to weigh less than 90 grams, with the current generation weighing 500 grams. Additionally, your energy consumption cannot exceed 2W, against the currently required 8W. In addition, the new Mixed Reality glasses will have to offer an even more immersive experience.

This product may take a few years before it is ready to reach ordinary consumers. But with the rumors thickening that Apple will also launch itself in this market, Microsoft will not want to be left behind.

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