NewNew, an app to control other people’s lives

Imagine that you do not decide when to get dressed in the morning, or that you do not know what to eat at noon, and you decide to ask your followers on social networks. It is something very common, but there is an application that takes this matter further: followers pay to decide the influencer’s actions.

This is how NewNew works, a new application where users with many followers (from writers to singers, through fashion influencers), can ask their followers for their opinion to make decisions based on the results of different surveys.

NewNew It is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Courtne Smith. The app, which is still in its “beta” or pre-launch stage, describes itself as “a human stock market where you buy stocks in the lives of real people, to control their decisions and see the result.”

The influencer encourages through video clips that they vote on aspects of both their work and their personal life. A writer can ask for opinion on what genre to write next, in addition to the names of the characters and the evolution of the plot, for example, and whenever a vote is cast, the creator receives the money minus the (undisclosed) commission from NewNew.

The system is simple: The creator sets the question and the choice of two answers. Your followers can vote and can pay to vote as many times as they want. They do not get their money back, regardless of which direction the result takes.

In addition to voting, followers can also pay extra, starting at $ 20, to ask a NewNew creator to do something of their choosing, like name a character in a book with their name. But the creator can reject all these “offers” and, if he does, the follower does not have to pay anything.

NewNew launched just two months ago and currently has fewer than 100 influencers. It is possible that everything will stay there, but we will have to be vigilant, because if people pay to put clothes on their Fortnite character, why would they not pay to decide the clothes of their favorite influencer?

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