Tesla launches in MOM in Hungary

The configurator is also available, but the active rear-wing Model S Plaid was not lensed at home, but on a legendary American track.

The coronavirus postponed it a bit, and on Friday the first Tesla car showroom in Hungary was opened in Mom Park in Budapest. Although Elon Musk’s electric car models could be chosen by setting up a domestic region, can now be used in HUF and fully translated, but at first the prices are definitely attractive, of course the math will turn right in a few years with lower maintenance costs. The Model 3 family sedan in the Standard Range Plus version opens at HUF 15 million with a range of 448 km WLTP, the Long Range costs 19.5 million at 614 km, and the Performance variation has to leave at HUF 22.5 million with a calculated distance of 567 km, 261 with a top speed of 3.3 km / h and an acceleration of 3.3 s from 0 to 100 km / h. The site promises delivery by September.



The Model Yt crossover is not yet on sale in Europe, as the Gigafactory plant in Berlin has been built with steam power, which could otherwise slip for a few months due to the complicated German licensing procedure, while the revamped Model X luxury SUV can be ordered. Although Tesla will only have the capacity to deliver this here in 2022, as it is being made with the Model S in Fremont, California, and even U.S. accomplishments have not begun, perhaps due to a lack of chips.


The two top Tesla models hide gaming hardware capable of driving either the Witcher III and the Cyberpunk 2049 in the company of the three displays and the on-board computer, which obviously also means opening the wallet wide: the Model X Long Range with a range of 580 km to 38 million The Plaid variation is 46 million with 547 km, a top speed of 262 km / h and an acceleration of 2.6 seconds to 100 km / h. The prices of the “flagship sedan” are not exactly a penny: the Model S Long Rage opens at 35 million (663 km range), the Plaid at 46 million (628 km), and the Plaid + costs 58 million forints (837 km).

The Model S Plaid or Plaid + obtained for the lens end
The Model S Plaid or Plaid + obtained for the lens end (source: Electrek) [+]

The latter arrives at the latest, as it is probably the Tesla 4680 battery cells and structural battery pack will be deployed, and even neither the cells nor the new design are ready for mass production. In return, the Plaid + can break all sorts of records, after all, Tesla promises acceleration in less than 2.1 seconds to 0-100 km / h, quarter-mile power in less than 9 seconds, and more than 1,100 horsepower from three electric motors. By the way, the Model S Plaid and / or Plaid + models are available the other day they were given a lens on the legendary Laguna Seca racetrack, and one of the test vehicles fitted the laps with a retractable, active rear wing, which is a novelty.

Another Plaid model They saw Jay Leno in an acceleration race, but nothing is official yet, so it is not known which Model S variations will receive the spoiler and how they performed against the stopwatch. Returning to Hungary: the Tesla service center in Budapest has still not opened, but the brand also offers Supercharger DC fast chargers in the vicinity of the capital (Fót, Törökbálint) and in Győr, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged and Nagykanizsa, in addition to European CCS station compatibility and AC variations (Type-2 home charging).

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