The Google Phone app can now tell you who is calling you

To prevent access to unwanted calls, the latest version of the Google Phone for Android is bringing the new feature intended to indicate via voice who is behind incoming calls, indicating both the name and the telephone number in each incoming call that is received.

But yes, this new function is disabled by default, so it will be necessary for users to visit its configuration options, and then choose between the options “Always”, “Only when using headphones” or “Never”.

To avoid entering unwanted calls

In this way, users can be more efficient when managing incoming calls together with blocking options, as indicated by 9to5Google, which also considers that the new function serves as an accessibility function, allowing people who have a level of visual impairment to know when a call may be relevant to them without having to attend them previously.

It so happens that, although there are many Phone applications for Android devices that also have advanced options, the Google Phone application is the one that comes by default on most mobile phones. Android from different manufacturers, and the vast majority of users choose to keep it when looking for alternative options.

It should be borne in mind that, after a while offering alternative applications, some important brands such as Samsung or Xiaomi, among others, have opted in recent times for Google applications over their own and / or third parties, as we have seen on occasion.

With the advent of this feature, Google tries to thus equating the ecosystem of Android devices to a similar feature that has already existed for a long time in the homologous application of mobile phones under iOS.

At this point, both Android and iOS users dream of having an automatic filtering feature like Pixel phone users in the United States already have. We can assume that later on it can be expanded among more users, and even also on international markets.

In the meantime, it will be a matter of waiting some time, according to Google, although with the frantic pace of the smartphone segment, as we are more than used to, it may not be as much as we could consider at first.

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