To make live presentations synchronizing with the audience


Currently it is very common to make online presentations using the “screen sharing” function that tools such as Google Meet or Zoom have, but there are other interesting options that do not need this resource, since they synchronize what the presenter is teaching with what the audience is visualizing.

One of them is the proposal of Projector, a tool with which we can create the presentation and share it with other people to start the session.

The idea is that, once the presentation is shared, the audience can see it on any device, interacting with the links that the presenter includes, or with the emoticons that are presented.

If the presenter swipes, everyone who is watching the presentation will see it at the same time, but the audience can also go back to see previous “slides” and thus review the content, without affecting the overall presentation. What nobody will be able to do is watch subsequent slides, since at no time will they be able to anticipate what the presenter is transmitting.

Projector offers a built-in presentation creation tool, with templates so you don’t start from scratch, the ability to upload and display video, the option to create group presentations and several other functions that help provide a more complete experience than attending a capture. of screen. The secret is in the interaction, that is what makes a presentation more interesting to watch than a video on YouTube.

You can try it in, registration is free.

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