Apple also designed color straps for the Pride Edition collection this year

Every year, Apple introduces a new design in the Pride Edition collection, with two new colors and meaning added to the rainbow this year.


Apple every year reaffirms its support for the Pride movement, but this year the colorful watch straps and thematic dials were made with expanded meaning content. Solo Loop Pride watch straps are available in twelve lengths, and the dials are even easier to obtain than ever before. The code on the watch strap packaging is scanned, which instantly downloads and applies a dynamic theme that responds to every wrist movement and crown control.

The six basic colors of the rainbow will be complemented this year by black and brown, which is black and brown latinx (gender-neutral people with a Latin American cultural or ethnic identity) and people living with HIV or AIDS, while light blue, pink, and white represent the transgender and non-binary LGBTQ + community.


The Nike Pride Edition is more restrained, while the six rainbow colors are made of reflective yarn, allowing you to see the person, the athlete, or obviously the athlete in the dark, from a distance. The $ 99 Pride Solo Loop is compatible with the Apple Watch SE and all Apple Watches from the fourth generation, and the $ 49 Nike strap from the third generation of the Apple Watch is an option.

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