Apple Music: If you want to enjoy high quality audio, forget about AirPods

Apple Music has undergone its transformation, and will offer uncompressed audio starting in June. However, do not plan to enjoy it with your AirPods …

It’s a shame for a brand that puts its ecosystem in the spotlight. With its new HiFi offer for Apple Music, the Cupertino company has reshuffled the cards in the world of streaming music, by offering a Lossless format (CD quality, without compression) at no additional cost, where its competitors generally offer dedicated offers billed at more expensive. The problem is, no matter how much Apple promotes high-quality audio from Apple Music, its own audio products, the AirPods, won’t be able to take advantage of it.

No Lossless audio for AirPods

As an Apple spokesperson confirmed to 9To5Mac, Lossless audio will not be available over Bluetooth. As a result, the brand’s headphones will not be compatible, just like AirPods Max, despite the presence of an H1 or W1 chip. Worse still, since the high-end headphones from Apple will not even be able to use them wired thanks to the Lightning to jack cable available separately at a price of 39 €. Apple Music’s Lossless only accepts analog sources, and it will therefore be necessary to bring a different headset than those offered by Apple to be entitled to it. Note that the HomePod will not be allowed either.

However, Apple products will still benefit from certain new features from Apple Music, including Dolby Atmos and spatial audio, which will indeed be compatible with AirPods as well as Beats headphones equipped with an H1 chip. or W1. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to be satisfied with AAC quality in 256 kbps maximum.

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