Chrome will help with changing compromised passwords

As usual, Google takes advantage of its annual event for developers to also present news focused on end users, and this year is not being an exception. In this sense, Google has just announced that the powerful password manager built into Chrome will, starting today, make it easier for users to change compromised passwords on compatible websites.

For it, If Chrome detects that a password is compromised when using it when accessing a specific website, from today it will additionally offer the possibility of changing it in just a few steps.

One more step with the security of users on the web

In this sense, users will find the “Change password” option, which basically consists of Chrome internally performing a series of steps to simplify the experience for users when changing them, with the idea that in the future users will have to carry out a single step.

For both supported and non-supported websites, Chrome will follow suggesting passwords that you will obviously save in the password manager itself.

For incompatible websites, users can continue to do the entire change process manually, while those who want to follow the manual process even on supported websites will also be able to interrupt the automatic process at any point.

Google says that this novelty is gradually starting to reach Chrome users on Android in the United States, and that over the next few months the compatibility with more websites will be extended and the new feature will expand to more countries, something quite obvious and expected from a company at Google’s level.

Under the hood, as they like to say over there, Google is using the technology Duplex on the Web, originally introduced in 2019 for the Google Assistant to help users complete their food shopping, movie ticket purchases, and more.

But also, the Chrome password manager you will also gain the ability to import passwords from other password managers, which will facilitate migration for those who come from other options.

In other words, Chrome’s password manager catches up with other password managers on the market with all these new features. The only caveat is that in this case, the administrator is intrinsically linked to the Google browser.

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