Fnac 2nd life: up to 50% reduction on smartphones, TVs, laptops, MacBooks, etc.

Fnac 2nde Vie is a FNAC service that offers you reconditioned or repaired products by experts at the best price. Treat yourself with discounts of up to -50% on many universes.

What is a 2nd life Fnac product?

Buy used on Fnac 2nd life, it is the assurance that the product is perfectly in line with your expectations and 100% functional. Indeed the items offered are the origin of new products from the Fnac circuit, in France, and which have been little used. For example, these may be products damaged during transport (often just the packaging) or returned by customers who have changed their minds.

To give them a second life, they are then tested, cleaned and reset by Fnac experts following a strict procedure in its workshops in France. They benefit from a 12-month guarantee and Fnac customer service.

In short, when you buy second-hand on Fnac 2nde vie, you benefit from the same guarantee of quality and the same purchasing experience as for all the other products sold by Fnac. The only difference is that you contribute to a circular and eco-responsible economy, and that you benefit from a much more attractive price, to equip yourself with the latest in peace.

up to -50% on a selection of smartphones

Up to -40% on a selection of TVs

Up to -40% on a selection of Laptop PCs

Up to -40% on selected MacBook

Up to -40% on selected cameras

The different states of the reconditioned available are:

  • Like new : an item “as new” is an impeccable and complete product, showing no visible signs of wear even though it has already been used. The packaging may show damage which does not allow it to meet the standard of new products.
  • Very good state : an item in “very good condition” is a complete product with minor cosmetic defects. The product has been tested and found to be in perfect working order.
  • Good condition : a product in “good condition” is in perfect working order, however it has small visible cosmetic defects such as small scratches or scuffs.
  • Correct condition: this condition is attributed to an article showing obvious signs of wear, which does not, however, prevent the normal use of the product.

Discover all the Fnac 2nd life offers

Here are two examples of interesting offers:

  • 815.50 euros reduction on the Apple 13.3 ”MacBook Pro / Good condition / priced at 883.99 euros
    Retina display, 256 GB of SSD, 8 GB of RAM, 2 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, Space Gray color

Take advantage of the FNAC 2nd life offer

  • 217.64 euros reduction on the Asus ZenBook 14 Ultra-Portable PC (UX425JA-BM005T) / Good Condition / priced at 581.99 euros
    14 ″ screen, Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD, Gray color

Take advantage of the FNAC 2nd life offer

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