GIANT Health Event 2021, European Week of Innovation in Health Technology

The 2021 edition of the European Week of Innovation in Health Technology, sponsored by GIANT Health, has been running since yesterday, May 17, and will run until May 21.

The event consists of five conferences and exhibitions, presented in a hybrid format between face-to-face and digital, developing exhibitions every day in the main European regions linked to healthcare innovation.

This instance, designed to promote the promotion of the best technological innovations in health matters, is also emerging as an opportunity for business collaboration, where valuable spaces can be generated to establish new networks, acquire new learning and take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with representatives from all over the world. the European community linked to health technology in the broadest possible sense, including companies, investors, government agencies, scientists and academics.

Live broadcast of the second day

The beginning of this event took place yesterday in Liverpool. Today’s host city is Paris, tomorrow it’s Berlin’s turn and later, on Thursday, the headquarters will take place in Stockholm.

Each of the dates of this event is structured on the basis of a daily conference and an exhibition fair for the latest innovations in healthcare technology.

Apart from broadcasting through YouTube, the content displayed each day will also be stored on its own virtual events platform, available to visitors from all over the world.

The end date of this event in Barcelona, ​​like its predecessors, is a perfect instance for professionals in the area to find new sources of inspiration for their activity. Opportunities to come into direct contact with the latest innovations in this technological sector and with the new generation of leaders in this industry in Europe, take on a special value in the midst of the current global healthcare context.

In this edition, we will be able to get in touch with international companies in this sector, interested in investing in Catalonia.

Also, here they will be able to get to know biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, startups, SMEs, VCs, investors, companies dedicated to working with AI, M&A executives, doctors and acquisitions.

Similarly, there will be space for those companies or professionals that are not part of the initial schedule and want to exhibit.

The complete schedule of this day and the exhibitors who will participate in it, can be consulted on the portal of the European Health-Tech Innovation Week™ 2021 Barcelona.

Health and technology, a close and important relationship

It is not necessary to mention in detail how important is the development of technologies for their application in the health area. The last time has made it more than clear, with everything that has happened around the pandemic.

Contrary to what some people might presume, the link between these two areas has been close since long before this latest health crisis.

Since 2015, for example, the healthcare technology industry has become one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare, according to what was reported on the event’s website.

In the United States, according to another example mentioned in the portal, the telemedicine innovation sector has received investments of 588 million dollars so far this year, an amount that exceeds the total fundraising of 2019.

In the UK, internal investment in artificial intelligence has increased 17% in the last year, more than the whole of Europe. Before, during 2017, that same country was the world’s largest exporter of medical technology products, worth $ 4 billion.

Figures of these magnitudes – or probably more shocking – and initiatives designed to meet the health challenges of recent times, with a focus on the European reality, will be the focus of the call presented here.

You can follow the news of this event through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram O TwitterThe latter being the most active platform, since updates are shared there periodically.

All the information in detail can be found in the website of the event, where you can also access the purchase of tickets.

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