Lamborghini prepares its electric car for after 2025

The first fully electric Lamborghini will arrive in a few years, according to the automaker.

Its electrification plans will unfold in two distinct phases over the next decade:

– By the end of 2024 Lamborghini will have hybrid gas and electric versions of its entire line.
– Then, from 2025, it will debut with its first fully electric model, although it may be in 2029 … it has not given details.

The three Aventador, Huracán and Urus models will thus have a hybrid version soon, and we will have to wait for something more for the fourth fully electric model, of which the design is not even known.

It is great news to be able to advance in the electrification of all cars, since these brands are the ones that could have the most problems to take the step, brands with loyal customers who are looking for noisy V8 and V12 engines and great speed.

The fact is that electric cars are becoming more powerful, better able to offer times from 0 to 100 that rival some of the fastest gasoline supercars in the world, and although many miss the sound of the classic engine, there is no nothing that cannot be simulated today.

There are aspects related to the experience when changing gears and other details that will be missed, but surely those who rode horses also missed the trot and the gallop when they bought a car.

Ferrari has already announced that its first electric model will debut in 2025, and other brands such as Drako, Aston Martin and Rimac are working on the issue, so it is natural that Lamborghini decides to invest (16,000 million euros) in this matter.

The company is aiming for a 50 percent “or more” reduction in its CO2 emissions by early 2025, and this announcement shows that they will be taking it seriously. Let’s hope that the generation of clean energy advances at the same pace to power all this number of electric cars that are coming.

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