Microsoft Edge improves machine translation on Android

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is testing a new dynamic for machine translation on Android.

Although the browser already has a translator when we open a web page on mobile, it is testing a system similar to the desktop version.

New system for Edge machine translation on mobile

Microsoft Edge is testing machine translation on Android. As in Google Chrome, users can configure in the browser that translation is activated when they open a web page in certain languages.

If we take a look at the Edge settings at AndroidWe will see that you have the option “Translate” to activate it or not, depending on whether we want the web browser to translate the web pages in other languages. If we enable it, we will see that this option is activated automatically when it detects another language. But with the new dynamic that Microsoft is testing, it is about bringing the experience of the web version to Android.

That is, users will be able to specify which language will be the default, and add the languages ​​that they want the browser to translate when they open a web page. So they can choose between “offer translation” or “never translate”.

So this dynamic will give the user more freedom to decide how to implement automatic translation according to their needs when using the browser from their mobile device. This new feature is being tested in Microsoft Edge Dev, so it still has a few steps to go through before it is rolled out to the stable version of the browser.

But if you want to test its dynamics, you can download this version of Microsoft Edge from Google Play, as with the Canary version. You will find a series of new Edge features on Android that are in testing and that seek to enhance its dynamics by bringing some of the most recent functions of the browser in its web version.

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