Pinterest presents “Idea Pins”, its version of Reels and TikTok

With so much TikTok and so much Instagram one can forget about other social media platforms that continue to maintain a huge number of loyal audiences, and among them is Pinterest.

Now they launch a video feature called “Idea Pins,” an option for creators to tell stories using video and music. Yes, like Reels and like TikToks …

The new Pins allow creators to record and edit creative videos with up to 20 pages of content, being possible from putting voice-overs to adding music, putting transitions and making small edits to the content.

It is the evolution of Story Pins, launched in beta in September 2020. In this case the videos in the Pins can be up to 60 seconds long on iOS, Android and the web, and within the videos it will be possible to add stickers or tag other creators, as in the stories. To start they will put 100 stickers with handmade illustrations dedicated to the main categories, including food, before and after and more.

Something original is that you can include “detail pages” where users can find the list of ingredients for a recipe, for example, or more detailed instructions for what is being displayed.

Each Idea Pin can have up to 10 topic tags, which help to distribute the content in a specific way, which helps to appear in searches. They will also offer export options that allow people to share their Pins on the web and on social media, just like TikTok does when we send it to WhatsApp.

The new Idea Pin format is rolling out today to all creators in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

You can get more information in this link.

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