Samsung’s screen that folds twice

It is no longer rare to see mobile screens that fold, or screens that roll, but it is striking to see screens that fold twice, as if it were a wallet.

That’s what we saw at this year’s SID Display Week, an OLED panel that can be folded up twice, as well as another that can be slid out to widen, like the OPPO from a few days ago.

The panel can be folded twice to be the size of a smartphone or, when unfolded, provide a 7.2-inch panel.

The same panel, that of the S-Foldable, can go from a 7.2-inch screen tablet to the size of a conventional smartphone when folded twice, a technology that we will see in commercial products during this 2021.

It was not the only novelty, they also showed another large panel, a 17-inch screen with 4: 3 aspect ratio that could be folded to the size of a tablet, as well as a camera technology under the panel, where the front camera is completely hidden under the screen.

The under-panel camera is believed to be on one of Samsung Electronics’ upcoming folding phones, and it will introduce the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 folding phones, later this year, although it has not given specific dates details.

The revolution of the screens is here, now they just need to be able to offer themselves at decent prices so that they do not occupy only the space of the high-end, since these devices have enormous potential in academic use, where users do not have as much income as to invest thousands of euros in a folding screen.

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