Sega could revive video game classics

Several licenses are currently being considered, such as “Crazy Taxi” or “Jet Set Radio”. Case to follow.

Sega is one of the oldest companies in the gaming world, with strong licenses to its credit, the most famous of which remains the essential Sonic the Hedgehog. The company is also no stranger to the process of resurrecting old licenses. This is how it was revealed that Sega may be thinking about bringing some franchises back to life. Among the proposals studied are Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon and Virtua Fighter.

These are all licenses as heterogeneous as they are nostalgic. For the moment, we do not know if these licenses will know a simple port on the more recent consoles, a remake or even a reboot. There is no guarantee yet that these projects will see the light of day anytime soon, or even that Sega is working on them now. They were simply mentioned in a presentation of Sega’s plans for the years to come.

In the same presentation, Sega talks about a project of “Great game” which should see the light of day within five years. This will be a brand new license that Sega intends to use to relaunch video game sales, which were still in good shape in 2020. Nothing is known about this new entry, which intrigues fans of the game. ‘business.

In parallel, Sega also mentioned its intention to want to strengthen the overall impact of its most famous licenses, namely Sonic, Person or Yakuza. This is the objective that will dominate Sega’s strategy for the next three years, even if we do not yet know how much force it will take. Sega therefore has many plans for the future, in addition to its recent entry into the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

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