Spotify will have its own automatic podcast transcription feature

Spotify just shared the accessibility improvements it is beginning to introduce to its service, Especially highlighting the new automatic podcast transcription function, which according to the platform, will arrive over the next few weeks in a limited beta phase for a selection of its exclusive original programs.

The idea is that these podcasts can have their corresponding automatic transcripts available through the Spotify application for Android and iOS, which will allow it to be available to more people, including people with hearing problems, who will be able to read them with or without sound.

Making podcasts available to more people

But also, anyone can navigate through the transcript and select a specific paragraph from the beginning of the corresponding episode playback, sparing them the need to move forward or backward in playback.

The arrival of this functionality will also allow podcasters not to have to provide transcripts manually or for listeners to have to go to third-party platforms.

In the future, the platform hopes to offer transcripts automatic for all podcasts it houses.

On the other hand, Spotify is introducing visual changes to a number of play buttons “in terms of color, text format and size”, looking for them to be more accessible for people who have visual problems or simply find themselves in situations where these buttons are not very noticeable.

These changes arrive from today through a new update.

And finally, iOS users will also now have a new configuration option that will allow them to customize the size of the texts in the application. To do this, they must go to Settings / Accessibility / Screen size and text, from where they must press the “Larger text” option and adjust the size through a slider that they will have at their disposal.

With these improvements, Spotify tries to expand the experience of its application so that it is available to as many users as possible. Regarding automatic transcriptions, we were already advancing recently that we would see how it would end up reaching more applications and services, which is happening, and that is included within those characteristics that every application should have today, such as dark mode, among others.

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