To add the ability to pay with Google Pay in apps created with Flutter

All those developers who use Flutter, Google’s development framework for creating applications for Android and iOS, and very recently also for Windows, Linux, Mac and web platforms thanks to release version 2.0, now it will be easier for them to add secure payment capabilities through the new Google Pay plug-in that Google itself has just introduced, coinciding with the start of the Google I / O 2021 event.

Wake up to Google, the new Google Pay plugin for Flutter makes it easy to add payment capabilities to apps being built for Android and iOSIt is also open source, with a unique code base and written in the Dart programming language.

In this way, users who use these applications will be able to make the corresponding payments Quickly and safely via Google Pay, which according to Google’s description:

enables you to provide users with a fast and secure payment experience that increases conversions and frees you from the need to manage credit cards and payments.

This release may also have a different reading, since it is still a business strategy to expand the use of Google Pay as a payment method in the mobile applications segment, allowing users security, speed and familiarity in mobile payments.

As clearly indicated in the description, users will not need to memorize or have to search for their bank card details every time they have to make a payment with Google Pay, since it is Google Pay who will have this information safely.

Do not forget that there are more and more mobile payment methods with which Google Pay has to compete, so it also has to seize the opportunity to make its system the most used against the competition.

On the side of the developers, the same They have the information they need, as well as a series of examples, through the official statement, also having access to other utilities that will allow them to become familiar with how Google Pay works.

From here, it will be a matter of time before we begin to see the first implementations of Google Pay in applications created with Flutter, thus expanding payments with Google Pay beyond the native application that we can install on our smart mobile phones.

More information: Google Developers

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