Windows 10 has a new dynamic to update and manage drivers

Microsoft is preparing new features for Windows 10 that will make it easier to manage drivers.

So if the drivers of your Windows 10 computer have become a headache, you will be interested in knowing the new dynamics that Microsoft is preparing.

Windows 10 will make it easier to manage drivers

Although Windows takes care of downloading the drivers through Windows Update, this means is not always as effective.

And there is no choice but to install the controls manually. And although it is not a complicated process, there are usually too many drivers that we have to update… keyboards, mice, bluetooth connections, monitors, etc. So a simple action becomes a never-ending task to keep all peripherals and connections up to date.

Microsoft wants to simplify this whole process with a new function, using the “Device Manager” that will make it easier to add new drivers, as mentioned Windows Latest. For example, if you have downloaded the driver to your Windows computer, you will not need to identify which peripheral or device it corresponds to, since you can load it directly through the File Manager. You just choose the driver and Windows will take care of adding them to the system and installing them for the operation of the corresponding device.

Another option that the Microsoft team is testing related to drivers has to do with a new filter system that allows locating certain drivers. For example, you can filter by type of driver, device, file, etc. While it doesn’t seem like a big update, it will save you a few steps if you have a lot of drivers to review or install on your computer.

In the case of the driver update, the dynamics seem to remain the same … you have to open the “Device Manager”, find the corresponding device in the list, and from the context menu choose “Update driver” to download it from the manufacturer’s page.

At the moment, this new dynamic is being implemented in one of the trial versions, so we will have to wait a few months until it reaches Windows 10.

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