20 € reduction on the mini electric pump from Xiaomi at a bargain price!

Xiaomi’s mini electric pump is back with an immediate reduction of € 20 at FNAC, for a stunning price of € 29.99!


Compared to a classic air pump, this small electric air pump from Xiaomi is very practical thanks to its compact size and automatic operation! The small portable pump has a small hose that expels air and is able to re-inflate a bicycle tire in 3 minutes. Thanks to its 2000 mAh battery, it can re-inflate 8 bicycle tires in total and recharges in less than 3 hours. Compatible with several different tips, this mini pump can also re-inflate a car tire in about 6 minutes. It is also equipped with a small LED screen which displays the pressure of the re-inflated object, as well as a main navigation and control button.

Today, she benefits from a reduction of 20 € at FNAC for a total price of € 29.99, ideal for deconfinement and the coming summer! Free delivery to your home or store.

Take advantage of the FNAC offer

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