Android 12 will allow you to use your mobile as a replacement for car keys

Android 12 is an important part of the expectations set in the most recent edition of Google I / O, the annual conference in which the technology giant unveils its main novelties.

Just as a few months ago we met some aspects Regarding the renewal of the design of its interface, the new announced by Google focuses on what happens outside of our mobile. With Android 12, we can use the phone instead of the car keys.

Before getting too excited, it is worth noting that the launch of this function is limited, at least in this first stage, to some Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices that run the new version of Android. BMW is the only car brand supported during this initial rollout, but as with smartphones, plans call for expanding this connectivity to more manufacturers in the future.

For its part, Samsung had already presented a function with similar characteristics some time ago last year and Apple, from the other side, also integrated a similar mechanism in that same period.

This system, which in simple words allows you to use a mobile with Android 12 as a “key” to unlock a car, will use ultra-wide band (UWB) and NFC so that the vehicle can recognize the smartphone as a key.

In Google’s wordsThe advantage of using UWB is that it replicates the same concept behind any wireless key. With this technology, it would be possible to unlock the car without even taking the phone out of your pocket. This, as long as the function is correctly enabled. As a second alternative, the NFC chip enters, which through a closer contact could fulfill the same function.

Another interesting feature, indicated as an advantage by Google in its release note, would be the possibility of sharing these virtual keys with trusted acquaintances, if necessary.

In February we learned about the first version for developers of Android 12. Although some projections point towards the next quarter as an eventual release date, there is no confirmed official calendar.

The news comes little by little. This one in particular stands out for updating Android with a function that was already being seen elsewhere.

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