Apple Delivers iCloud Data to FBI in Investigation

The apple brand has transmitted to US federal authorities the iCloud data of Alexandra Elbakyan, the founder of the scientific article sharing network Sci-Hub accused of intellectual property infringement.

While some Internet users recently worried about the Chinese government getting its hands on Apple iCloud Encryption Keys, the apple brand has just ceded the personal data of a user to the US government. In a message posted on her Twitter account, Kazakh activist Alexandra Elbakyan reveals the content of an email sent by the company, telling her that their iCloud account has been seized by the FBI.

Scientific articles in the crosshairs

Founder of the network Sci-Hub, Alexandra Elbakyan has been in the sights of the authorities for a while. Its scientific article sharing site allows many students and professors to consult scientific publications for free. If the intention is laudable, it is a illegal copying of intellectual property, the young woman not having the necessary rights to publish the articles in question.

Among the most fervent critics of the Elbakyan case is the Dutch publishing house Elsevier. Very much criticized within the scientific community, the group’s commercial practices are accused of priver of information some of the academics around the world, while their role of scientific verification is regularly questioned.

Is Apple at fault?

In this case, all eyes have logically turned to Apple, accused of having ceded confidential data to the FBI even as the American company insists on doing respect for privacy one of its main struggles. Yet here, the Apple has only obeyed the law. Thus, the data present on GAFAM’s servers can be partially deciphered, and delivered to the authorities if a legal procedure requires it.

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