Chrome for Android will have a new Google Reader on an experimental basis

Some of those of us who were Google Reader users still continue to reproach Google for shutting it down at the beginning of July 2013, despite how useful it was to keep track of our favorite websites.

Despite this, from Google they want to make it easier for us to keep up to date with our favorite websites. For it, as advertised, over the next few weeks they will begin to test a new feature in the Chrome for Android version of the Canary channel, in the United States, for which some users will see a follow button on most websites.

Retrieving the tracking of favorite websites

The new feature will be based on the open standard RSS, so Google will also offer instructions to editors and content creators over time to keep their RSS feeds updated.

The idea is that users track their favorite websites in a similar way to tracking user accounts on Twitter. All the updates that are produced in the websites under monitoring they will appear in a new section that will reach the new tab page called «Following».

We can assume that they will be displayed in chronological order, something that is usually missed when the selection of content is delegated to algorithms according to the relevance they can give to them.

According to the capture, we observe that the latest news will be offered in the form of cards, similar in appearance to the news cards that we currently have in the news selection of Google Discover.

From google undertake that the new experimental function becomes a stable function if it successfully passes its corresponding evaluation. And from Google I / O 2021 there will be a workshop for editors, creators and web developers, where those interested can obtain more information about it.

Google will be attentive to how many comments they receive about the new function from publishers, content creators, and users in general, and will see the possible ways that it may have to improve it before reaching the possible expansion to all users.

This announcement comes a few weeks after Twitter shows its intentions to become the ideal site for “news-hunting”, where you can be aware of what you are interested in, for which it will unfold a series of characteristics, many of them focused on subscribers of a new service that is closer and closer to coming.

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