COD Warzone: crossovers with Rambo and Die Hard are coming!

These new characters bring with them changes to Verdansk, new missions and cosmetic elements.

Since the start of its season 3 joined with Black Ops Cold War, Warzone took its players back in time to take them to the 80s. If the change of scenery was not enough to realize it, know that several crossovers are coming soon to the battle royale, and should confirm the change of epoch. First, Activision unveiled a trailer showing in action the new character of Rambo, among other new features, which arrives on May 20.

As the trailer explains, this summer will be all about action heroes from the ’80s, and Rambo is one of the most iconic. From what we could see, the graphics seem very similar and faithful to the features of actor Sylvester Stalone. We also know that the arrival of Rambo will change some places on the map, which will turn into survival camps as a tribute to the film. First Blood. In addition, one of the aircraft hangars is expected to turn into a CIA outpost.

Regarding Die Hard…

Then, the video also teases the arrival of a collaboration on the theme of Die Hard, cult film released in 1988 with Bruce Willis. If we did not particularly recognize one of the characters of the film in the trailer, we did however see Nakatomi Plaza and its skyscraper. This item will change a particular location on the Verdansk map, namely where the Broadcast Tower is currently located. For the occasion, special and optional missions will appear at this location and will be linked to the building.

But that’s not all since we could also see a fight scene on an elevator as well as characters coming out of air ducts. It is not yet known if these elements will be playable, but if they are, it should add even more diversity to the gameplay. The character of John McClane will also be available through the Warzone with other cosmetic items from May 20 as well.

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