Google and Samsung team up to deliver the biggest Wear OS update

Google and Samsung join forces to compete with Apple in the wearable market. This was announced by the Google team when they mentioned that they will combine the best of Wear OS with Tizen.

This collaboration, which brings a unified platform, has a number of advantages for both users and developers.

Google’s new strategy for Wear OS

Google and Samsung want to combine the best of Wear and Tizen in a unified platform that will enhance their proposals and bring a series of benefits at the development level:

Now, we bring the best of Wear and Tizen into one unified platform. By working together, we’ve been able to leverage each other’s strengths and combine them into an experience that has faster performance, longer battery life, and more apps you love available for the watch.

For example, they mention that apps will launch up to 30% faster and offer a smoother interface experience. And on the other hand, they have also optimized the power consumption of the operating system so that the user can use all its functions without having to deal with excessive battery consumption.

A dynamic that will also benefit developers, since they will continue to have the entire ecosystem of tools that Google offers and the new options that this unified platform brings.

And of course, there are new features with this update to improve navigation and user experience based on your needs. For example, there is the possibility of customizing the home page of the watch using Tiles to always have the apps and shortcuts most important for the user’s routine at hand.

Other news that Google has mentioned has to do with the range of apps that will be updated and added to this new proposal. For example, Google Maps will have a version that will work independently, Spotify and YouTube Music will have support for offline downloads. And of course, the Fitbit functions will be one of the keys to the new experience that this proposal promises.

A series of novelties that will be implemented from the end of the year with the next version of Wear.

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