Google bets on security, announces a series of new tools

Delete its recent history, lock certain sensitive photos… So many new features that Google will soon be implementing to bring more security and control to Internet users.

At its I / O conference, Google focused on security. In addition to a few details about his new Android 12 OS, GAFAM thus formalized the arrival of several new tools intended to make life easier for Internet users, while giving them more control over their data.

A “Quick Delete” function

First novelty announced by the web giant, the functionality “Quick Delete”, which will allow delete the last 15 minutes of browsing with a single click on both browser and smartphone. Like when you browse incognito through Incognito mode, this tool will not only delete history, but also cookies, permissions or auto-entries.

Google Photos now includes a locked folder

Another very practical feature added to Google Photos, the appearance of a locked folder, which will allow you to keep private photos in a safe place, without risking them to appear when you scroll through your camera roll. It will thus be possible to store sensitive photos, ranging from your last nudes to your passport photo – while waiting to take advantage of Google Stack in Europe.

Upgrading Password Manager

Other new tools dedicated to security were also announced yesterday by Google during its virtual I / O conference. We will thus find two-factor authentication and a tool intended for Android 12 which will offer secure processing of personal data while supplying services focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The password manager should also be upgraded, and better alert Internet users in the event of a data breach. The browser will also offer a direct “change password” button, in order to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

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